Dear Friends of DaVoice,

Gordon Michaels Productions is proud to partner with individual and business partners who wish to support our very successful talent search and live music show.

Our first season discovered twenty talented singers/performers who got the chance to perform their craft in front of a live audience each week. Moreover, the public came out in-force to see live music at an affordable price.

Sold-out crowds reinforced our experience that we were on to something unique.

You are the fuel that powers our engines

We know that you have as your mission a desire to give back to the local community and we greatly appreciate your support. Our first season was made successful in-part, because of the support of sponsors like you and we are looking forward to expanding our long list sponsors to include you and our neighbors.

Giving local talented singers a stage to perform and compete with other singers while our audience cheers the return of live music to Quincy gives us great pride. With your support, we can look forward to more great talent, more live music and more exposure.

Season 1 sold over 250 tickets to watch the auditions, semi-finals and the final. DaVoice was covered by local Quincy newspapers and  WRBB’s show “Whatz Up Boston” radio show. The judges and contestants were interviewed on live TV on Boston Neighborhood’s (BNN) “Going Uptown” with host Tyree Browne.

DaVoice Season II is moving forward full-steam and starting up September 10, 2019.

Take a moment to view this wonderful opportunity to partner with us. We hope you will participate this season and many more to come.

Please contact the show’s producer: Gordon Michaels at 617-504-7393 to arrange a corporate or individual sponsorship.